How Do I Choose My Copa Airlines Seat?

Will you book Copa Flights? Travelling is a great experience. But, with a good travelling partner. Copa flights are offering many good deals. They have travelling tours. They provide round trip offers. Club two cities offers etc. Have you booked tickets with Copa Airlines? Want to know about Copa airlines seat selection?

We will provide details related to seat selection. How much will it cost to select seat? Seat selection fee details will provide here. Along with extra information on the Topic.

Seat Assigment in Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines will provide you option to pre-select your seat. At the time of booking tickets. Whether you are booking online or through a call. The option will be provided. Not pre-selected seat at the time of booking. Do not worry! You will get a chance to select while check-in. Advance book your seat. And sit with your family and companion.

Pre-selection of seats will cost you money. But there are few exceptions to this. We will list the exceptions here:

Process of Advance Seat Selection

Here is the list of Copa seat selection. When passenger can pre-select their seats.

Note: When a passenger decides not to select a seat in advance. Then, the Airlines will randomly allot seat. (In case of web-check-in).

Options Available for Seat Selection

In economy class you can pre-select among;

What is the cost of seat selection?

Copa Airlines Seat Selection Cost, starts with $8 per traveller. The distance of the route is also considered. The upper range of the cost can be $90 per passenger. The cost also depends upon the time left for departure. It will cost you less, when you select seat while booking. The cost will include all the taxes. The fee paid is non-refundable. It is also non transferrable. Business class passengers’ pre-selection fee is waived off. The cost also depends upon the type of ticket.

What is a convenient seat on Copa Airlines?

We have considered the passengers’ reviews here. ‘Convenient’ seat option is the best. It is also the most affordable. Passengers described it as worth the fee. Front of the cabin and extra legroom. It is all you need to fly comfortably. Regular seat with an extra legroom. And in the middle of the carrier is also a convenient seat. Copa airlines choose seats options are viable.

Copa Airlines name seat selection baggage allowance

The baggage allowed for every class is different. Such as; Basic economy class has different baggage limit. Business class has increased baggage limit. It also depends upon the destination. Baggage allowance is assessed based on class. The list is here;

Standard weight of your luggage should be 23 kgs. But the economic basic passenger must pay for that as well. For all other class luggage weighing up-to 50 lbs is free.

Over-weight Charges

Overweight luggage fee is common. While travelling in the country the fees is as follows:

Note: This fee is over and above the cost of luggage.

Measures of the Baggage

Your luggage should not exceed 158 cm of linear measurement. Which is 62 inches. Over and above the prescribed measurement. Your luggage will be considered as an extra baggage. But, over 115 linear inches luggage will not be allowed.

Summing Up

To summarize, it is easy to pre-select the seat while booking. This is also affordable. But you can also select seats Copa airlines after booking. You can select seat before 24 hours of departure. All the details are provided in the article. The exceptions from pre-select cost are also available. Read the details carefully.

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