Terms & Conditions

The Allairlinescontactwindow Terms & Conditions apply to all flights booked and services used, regardless of airline or itinerary. By purchasing a flight ticket via Allairlinescontactwindow, you agree to all of the Terms and Conditions. Our terms of service contain all of the necessary information about booking, cancellation, refund, and so on, allowing you to understand our rules. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using any of Allairlinescontactwindow services. The policies and procedures you must be aware of before using Allairlinescontactwindow services are listed below.


A traveller enters into a contract when they book an airline ticket or another product or service online or over the phone. By purchasing a flight ticket or using any other Allairlinescontactwindow service or product, you agree to all of the terms and conditions outlined in the Contract.

Your preferred seat will be reserved in accordance with the Contract, and as soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email confirming the reservation. We and our service providers assume no liability for any inevitable modifications made after the reservation. Before utilising Allairlinescontactwindow services, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully.


You accept the carriage terms outlined in these Terms and conditions when you use our products or services, make a reservation for a flight, or speak with one of our representatives over the phone. Customers are recommended to confirm that the details they gave (Name, Age, Phone Number, and other information) while buying tickets from Allairlinescontactwindow match the information on their passport and are accurate. Should any modifications be necessary, kindly get in touch with us right once; if not, your airline ticket will be non-returnable.

Changes made after a flight reservation incur additional fees.


To find out if your payment is accepted, it could be required to provide a credit card number or other payment method in advance. The charges will be subtracted according to the schedule that was provided in your email of confirmation. Depending on the credit card type and the issuing bank, different fees may apply. Please verify if you have been successfully charged by clicking on the following websites if you have not got your flight confirmation. If you want to cancel your order that website will proceed it after five minutes of your order placing.

When travellers reserve flight or used any other amenities of United Airline then travellers can pay amount in Lum sum or can choose instalments. You have to pay cancellation charges otherwise airline will cancel your reservation.

Cancellation and Alteration

Except for certain unusual events that may prevent us from honouring your flight ticket, or when the passenger is responsible for missed or delayed flights and there are no alternate flights available, Allairlinescontactwindow prevailing cancellation policy is 12 consecutive calendar days from your desired travel dates.

Any changes or alterations must be requested in writing by the passengers. Change or cancellation fees will be computed in line with their terms and conditions. The airline or supplier will not issue a refund in the event that a flight reservation, cancellation, or other service is cancelled.


While you book your travel, insurance is offered by a number of intermediaries or airlines. Before purchasing travel insurance in a certain location, purchaser are advised to check with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or the local embassy. If you have to cancel your trip due to illness, an accident, losing money or luggage, your insurance coverage will help you pay for the entire amount of the missed vacation. When purchasing tickets, travellers should confirm that they are insured. If passengers fail to purchase insurance, neither Allairlinescontactwindow nor any of our service suppliers will be held accountable.

Policy on Discounts

Travel discounts may not be available on all fares and are subject to sudden changes in price. Allairlinescontactwindow makes no representations or guarantees about the availability of a discount flight fare or any other fare on its website.Allairlinescontactwindow is under no duty to honour a medium-provided lower flight rate. Allairlinescontactwindow has the right to levy costs for the issuing of discounted fares, such as advance seat selection fees, service fees, and facility or airport surcharges or taxes.

Note- Specific rules apply when taking advantage of discounts, such as limited availability, one discount fare per individual, and the inability to combine different types of fares.

Document Delivery

The necessary documentation is mailed to the passengers; however, we do not take responsibility for lost or misplaced papers. You can reissue tickets for a fee if you misplace any other crucial documents, such as trip tickets. In addition, there will be an extra cost if you ask us to alter the way we send your document.


Passengers will receive an E-confirmation once the airline ticket has been issued and authorised by Allairlinescontactwindow. The email serves as a confirmation of the purchase of the flight ticket. The airline will confirm your services through email to your registered mailing address.

The ticket cannot be given or sold to a third party, and all passengers must be informed of this. When checking in, going through security, or boarding, passengers could be requested to show their ticket. Please confirm that you are willing to fly and that you have read your confirmation again.

Note-To be changed, changes must be completed at least 48 hours (approximately 2 days) prior to departure.

Customer Support

Allairlinescontactwindow is committed to providing the finest customer service possible and is hence always available to respond to and answer your inquiries. Travellers can contact customer support team at any time with inquiries or worries by phone, email, or SMS. Kindly visit contact us page & we will respond to your any questions immediately.