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Copa Airlines, Panama's national flag carrier, was formed in 1947. The airline serves over 80 destinations in 33 North American, Central American, South American, and Caribbean countries. Copa Airlines' full name is Compaa Panamea de Aviación.fre.

This airline is a Star Alliance member. Passengers flying business class get access to a specific queue at airport check-in and boarding counters, priority baggage processing, and Copa and VIP lounges worldwide.

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A Over View of Copa Airlines

Founded 21 June 1944
Hubs Panama City–Tocumen
Destinations 82
Fleet size 92
Alliance Star Alliance
Focus cities San José de Costa Rica–Juan Santamaría
Frequent-flyer program ConnectMiles
Employees 9,450 (2018)

How does one go about booking Copa Airlines flights online?

Do you have any doubts about continuing with your trip plans? Why not, if you have the correct air travel partner? As a result, we recommend that you book your Copa Airlines Tickets reservation as soon as workable.

But, if there is something you don't know about it, you must first learn all about it. And knowing how to book a flights Copa Airlines is a big part of that. So, read on to learn how to buy flights with Copa Airlines.

To book a Copa Airlines flight, follow the steps below:

Finally, you may receive a booking confirmation email to your registered contact or email ID. But, if you must more information before booking a Copa Airlines journey, please contact the airline's experts right away.

Destinations served by Copa Airlines:

The following is an overview of amazing Copa Airlines destinations:

Armenia Asunción Atlanta Austin
Baltimore Barcelona Barquisimeto Barranquilla
Belize City Belo Horizonte Bogotá Boston
Brasilia Bridgetown Bucaramanga Buenos Aires
Cali Campinas Cancún Caracas
Cartagena Chicago Chiclayo Córdoba
Cúcuta David Denver Fort Lauderdale
Fortaleza Georgetown Guadalajara Guatemala City
Guayaquil Havana Holguín Iquitos
Kingston Las Vegas Liberia Lima
Los Angeles Managua Manaus Manta
Maracaibo Medellín Mendoza Mexico City
Miami Montego Bay Monterrey Montevideo
Montreal Nassau New Orleans New York City
Oranjestad Orlando Panama City Paramaribo
Pereira Philipsburg Port of Spain Port-au-Prince
Porto Alegre Puebla Puerto Vallarta Punta Cana
Quito Recife Rio de Janeiro Rosario
Salta Salvador San Andres Island San Francisco
San José San Juan San Pedro Sula San Salvador
Santa Clara Santa Cruz de la Sierra Santa Marta Santiago
Santo Domingo São Paulo Tampa Tegucigalpa/Comayagua
Tegucigalpa Toronto Valencia Villahermosa
Washington, D.C. Willemstad

Is there in-flight entertainment and other facilities on Copa?

What is the most significant element for you when flying with Copa Airlines? For some of us, it's a way to pass the time on an plane while holding Copa Airlines Tickets.

Others, but, want to know what they can consume onboard. In other words, because each passenger has a unique need, different issues arise. And you can only find answers to each of them in the Copa Airlines flight booking services listed below:


Copa Airlines provides its customers with a variety of music, films, and fresh content each month to keep them entertained. Furthermore, they provide streaming alternatives in a variety of languages.

On the Copa Airlines mobile app, you can watch TV episodes or stream the latest films. Download the Copa Airlines mobile app and enjoy hours of entertainment on your next flight.

Meals or Food

Options On Copa Airlines flights, customers may enjoy fantastic quality meals also to great entertainment selections. On all flights, the airline provides beverages and snacks. What you get and how much it costs will, but, be determined on the time, route, and departure details of your flights. You can also choose from a variety of nutritional meals with alcohol or drink options on the flight.

Comfortable seats

Copa Airlines seats have armrests, fold-down trays, overhead storage, under-seat bins,padded headrests, and other conveniences. As a result, you can make yourself at ease on the plane. Furthermore, their high-quality business class seats provide even more luxury on trips. You can also pre-book your tickets to ensure that you sit together with your fellow travellers.

How is the Web check-in and boarding permit for Copa Airlines?

If you are searching for a way to check in when flying with Copa Airlines, it is imperative that every passenger flying with them understand how to check in checking-in and what ways are available in Copa Airlines Checking in Policies for the same. You should know information about your travel as well as what you'll need before and after the journey if you wish to plan ahead of time and don't believe in going on a vacation without a plan.

How Do I Check in with Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines has several check-in options, all of which are straightforward to use. The majority of consumers opt for online check-in, requiring them to be at the terminal at least two hours before flight for luggage check-in:

Check-In over the Internet:

The majority of travellers prefer the online check-in method. Because it spares you time as well as helps your life easier. According to the check-in regulations, you have to check in 24 hours before leaving:

Copa Airlines Steps to Take Check-in at the box office:

You are able to check in at the place of departure as well. Your boarding passes will be given to you at the check-in process or you must reserve extra time at the airport as well as come earlier:

Airport check-in desks

Travellers with disabilities, pets, or particular demands need to check in at the airport. If you happen to be one of them, allow an extra hour for baggage processing and inspection by security prior to the flight's departure. You can contact our devoted professionals at Copa Airlines. Certain points about check-in counters include

Check-In at a Kiosk:

You can also use the Kiosk if the Check-In counter is overcrowded and you have to wait. You can also save time by using the Kiosk machine for baggage check-in:

Use the Copa Airlines check-in service at the airport to ensure a smooth flight.

Baggage Policy

Your baggage allowance is determined by the fare you chose when you booked your flight.

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers are permitted one piece of carry-on baggage on domestic flights inside Panama. This hand luggage must weigh no more than 10 kg and fit within the dimensions 22 x 14 x 10 inches.

The baggage allowance for international flights is one piece per passenger weighing a total of 10kg.

Passengers are allowed one personal item in addition to carry-on baggage. This can include things like a handbag, coat, or laptop case. The personal item's dimensions must not exceed 36 inches in total.

Checked Baggage

Excess Baggage

Copa Air charges for luggage that is not pre-purchased or allotted based on the type of ticket you have. When you book your Copa Airlines flights with Alternative Airlines, you can add extra luggage to your reservation. For additional information, please contact our knowledgeable customer support staff.

Copa Airlines offers two cabin classes: Economy and Business.

Economy Class

All flights serve food and beverages. Short-haul flights will vary depending on the time of day; if travelling during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a light meal will be served; otherwise, snacks will be supplied. Some planes have a new entertainment system called the Showpass Cup that allows passengers to watch content on their digital devices. Before flying, travellers must first download the Copa Airlines app.

There is an in-flight magazine for passengers to read, as well as duty-free shopping.

On long-haul flights, economy travellers can enjoy a hot lunch while watching the newest films and TV episodes on the in-flight entertainment system.

Business Class

Check-in lines at airport counters, boarding gates, and priority baggage handling are all available. Privacy and optimum comfort are provided by 10/12 seats (Embraer 190 AR), 12 seats (Boeing 737-700), and 16 seats (Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737 MAX 9). Copa Airlines' international flight meal service provides excellent wines and liquors, as well as the best gastronomical options. Members of the Connect Miles frequent flyer programme will receive bonus miles. Get access to all Copa Club and Star Alliance VIP lounges around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Copa Airlines?

Ans. Copa Airlines are the top notched airlines that allows easy travel to the passengers. The airlines were formed in 1947.

Q. How to book the Copa Airlines flight ticket?

Ans. You can book the Copa Airlines flight ticket by going to the official website of Copa Airlines. You have to follow the necessary steps and fill the information in the Copa Airlines website to book your flight ticket.

Q. Do Copa Airlines provides in- flight facilities?

Ans. Yes, the Copa Airlines provide in flight facilities. In Copa Airlines you will get entertained in the form of music and films. The airlines also provide food and beverages along with comfortable seats.

Q. Do Copa Airlines allows digital check-in?

Ans. Yes, you can check in digitally in copa airlines. You can also do check in airport but many people prefer online check-in nowadays as it's a more comfortable option.

Q. Can passengers check in at kiosks?

Ans. Yes, you can also check in at the kiosks available in the Airlines. To check in the Copa Airlines in kiosk you have to find it in the airport. Kiosks usually have long lines so you have to wait until your number comes.

Q. How many cabin do Copa Airlines have?

Ans. The Copa Airlines have two cabins that are Business class and economy class. You can travel in any class flight as per your requirements.

Q. Can passengers bring their food in Copa Airlines?

Ans. Yes, the Copa Airlines allows you to bring the food on board. The food and drink must not be alcoholic.

Q. Do Copa Airlines have TV screens in the seats?

Ans. Yes, the tv screens are available in copa airlines in which you can see any film or tv show.

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