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Allegiant Airlines Book a Tickets

Allegiant Air is an inexpensive airline located in the United States that serves a number of local routes throughout the country. The airline is known for its affordable fares along with simple service that gets passengers from destination A to their destination B. Allegiant is a prominent airline having a national reputation in the United States.

The airline has many hubs around the United States and flies to over 100 destinations. It flies to vacation spots. But it does fly to secondary cities that are not served by other US carriers. Orlando, Las Vegas, St. Petersburg, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Punta Gorda, Cincinnati, Myrtle Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Bellingham are among Allegiant Air's main destinations.

Allegiant was founded in 1997. It's called WestJet Express but was renamed a year later.

Allegiant makes leisure travel in the United States more inexpensive and convenient, from small towns to world-class destinations. With low-cost prices and premium travel partners, the airline offers a full travel experience at a low cost and without the fuss!

The American carrier also has charter authority to Canada and Mexico.

How can I book a Flight to Allegiant Airlines?

The official Allegiant Airlines website is the majority of preferred method for booking flight tickets. The website has a simple to operate style which enables customers to book a hotel room in minutes.

In-Flight Services on Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airlines has increased in popularity as a result of its outstanding in-flight services. nevertheless, it is an inexpensive airline, you shouldn't anticipate to have a link to internet access or wireless connectivity while on the flight.

You may nevertheless select from a number of alternatives to make your trip more pleasant. Consider the following services available when flying with Allegiant Airlines.

What is the Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy?

On Allegiant flights baggage policy, both carry-on and checked baggage are permitted; but there are distinct limitations governing the weight and size of your luggage. The policies also varied based on the type of Allegiant Air ticket you purchased.

Baggage for Carry-On

Allegiant Air's baggage policy enables passengers to bring one free personal item, such as a wallet, briefcase or small backpack, with them. Its biggest dimension is 17cm x 38cm x 40cm (7 x 15 x 16 inches).

Visitors may bring a single suitcase that is no bigger than 22cm x 35cm x 55cm.

Baggage Transported via Air

Allegiant flights do not include any free luggage allowance. Checked baggage must be purchased.

Passengers can buy up to four checked luggage per person. Checked luggage must exceed 18kg (39 lbs) per item and cannot be more than 203cm (80 inches) in total.

Baggage Fees

Allegiant's luggage fees vary depending on the route flown; you can check prices and add baggage when making your reservation. If you buy your ticket with Alternative Airlines, you will be able to add extra baggage to your reservation if you choose to travel with more bags.

What is the Allegiant Airlines Cabin Class Policy?

Allegiant Air only has one cabin class: Economy.

Economy Class

Allegiant's only cabin class is Economy.

Facilities for Economy Travellers

Allegiant provides a straightforward service with no in-flight entertainment or Wi-Fi. Passengers may, however, take their particular personal electronic gadgets on board as long they're able to fit into the carry-on baggage limitation.

Onboard, you can purchase meals and drinks such as snacks and beverages that are both alcoholic and non Visitors can check in via the internet and advance purchases a certain ticket.

Seats in Economy Class

The seats are laid out in a 3 x 3 configuration that has a 17-inch (43-cm) width as well as a 30-34-inch (70-86-cm) pitch. They are all composed of leatherette.

Premium Economy

Premium Economy is not available on the airline's flights.

Business Class

The airline does not offer Business Class seating.

First-class service

The airline does not provide First Class service.

What is the Check-in Policy at Allegiant Airlines?

You may check-in for Allegiant Air either online or at the airport.

Online Check-in

Allegiant Air's online check-in opens 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure time and concludes 45 minutes before. Passengers can check in online using the Allegiant Air website ( - utilise the Allegiant Air online check-in page and enter your flight details to proceed.

Check-in at the airport

Airport Check-in closes 45 minutes before Allegiant Air's planned flight departure time. We recommend arriving at the airport at least two hours before your aircraft's scheduled departure time to enable time to check in for your Allegiant flight, plus extra time if you're bringing checked baggage.

How Do I Manage My Allegiant Reservation?

You can change your scheduled Allegiant Airlines flight using the manage booking option. Under the control my booking option on the Allegiant air official website, you can add seats, request refunds, purchase bags, alter flights, add meals, cancel trips, and so on.

By visiting the airline's official website, you can take use of Allegiant's manage my booking option. The processes to handle booked Allegiant Airlines flights are detailed below.

How Do I Manage My Allegiant Airlines Booking?

Follow the steps below to manage your Allegiant Airlines reservation.

Please call Allegiant Air at 1-702-505-8888 to speak with a live person about booking flights.

How Can I Change My Allegiant Air Flight?

Don't worry if you're looking for something else while buying a flight with Allegiant Air. According to Allegiant Airlines' change flight policy, you have the right to change your trip. Follow the instructions provided to finish the process of altering Allegiant flights.

If you have problems changing your flight, call the Allegiant Airlines Customer Service Phone Number to speak with a live person.