How do I Check-in for a Southwest Flight Online?

Southwest's boarding procedure is unusual. Southwest does not segregate seats; rather, the check-in procedure determines when you board and, as a result, where you sit.

As a result, checking in Southwest flight might be unpleasant, especially if you are new to this airline or traveling with your young children. You may be most concerned when your child will not able to sit with you, or that you will be forcedly to sit in center of plane's turbulent rear row. Checking in on Southwest is simple with a little practise and organization (and even the appropriate airline credit card!). You'll be an expert at getting the greatest seats in no time.

Details on the Southwest Airlines (WN):

Southwest Airlines, the world’s cheapest flying carrier was introduced in the United States on 9th March 1967. The founder of the airlines includes Herb Kelleher and Rollin King. The airlines headquarter is located in Dallas, Texas. It travels in around 121 destinations across the world. The Southwest Airlines is famous for carrying the most domestic passengers than any other flight in the United States. Its low ticket price and its onboarding services is what attracts the passengers the most. At present, this Airlines is the 3rd largest airlines in North America.

The various modes of check in at Southwest Airlines (WN) flight:

The various options for check-in at Southwest Airlines (WN) flight is given below:

  1. Online check-in (Web check-in)
  2. Mobile check-in
  3. EarlyBird check-in
  4. Self-service kiosk check-in at the airport
  5. Curbside check-in at the airport
  6. Ticket counter check-in at the airport
Southwest Airlines Check in

When you check-in

Southwest does not assign seats when you check-in. Instead, you'll board by "zone" and select your seats once on board. A, B, & C are zones, and each zones is divided into mainly two groups: 1 to 30 & 31 to 60.

A zone can be provided to you based on following criteria:

When checking in for your flight

Guests may check-in up to 24 hours before the departure time of their flight. You will specially be seated in order in which you check in or if you wait until last minute to check in, you may be last passenger on plane (C 60), and you will have to take middle seat next to randomly strangers rather than your family or friends.

Check in as soon as clock strikes 24 hours before the departure (more on that later).

Details on online check in policy of Southwest Airlines (WN):

The passengers to Southwest Airlines can opt for Online check in option beginning with 24 hours and lapses on 60 minutes before the flight departure. Southwest Airlines does not allot seats to the passengers. It is the Check in procedure that helps to determine where you are sitting and when you will board to the flight. Such time might vary based on the travel destination. One can opt for mobile boarding pass or printable boarding pass. It is important to follow the check in policy as it helps to determine when you are boarding to the flight. The ways to online check in at Southwest Airlines is given below:

Details on online check in policy of Southwest Airlines (WN):

The things that Southwest Online Check in does not offer:

The online check in policy of Southwest Airlines does not offers these following facilities:

Buy Early Bird Check-In

Those with Wanna Get Away fares can buy "EarlyBird Check-In," which checks you in 36 hours before your flight's departure in the order that travellers ordered the service.

EarlyBird charges between $15 and $25 per person each way, which may add up for families. EarlyBird cannot guarantee you a seat in the A boarding zone; rather, it promises that Southwest will check you in ahead of people who did not purchase EarlyBird. It's still an excellent option if you must sit in a specific part of the plane, such as near a bathroom along the aisle — or if you're traveling with a group and sitting together is critical.

Elite standing

After a set number of flights or qualifying Southwest points, regular Southwest travelers can get Southwest A-List or A-List Preferred elite membership. Like EarlyBird Check-In, if you have elite status with Southwest, the airline will check you in for your journey 36 hours in advance, putting you ahead of other customers.

Southwest checks in Business Select first, then A-List Preferred, A-List, and finally EarlyBird – all in the sequence in which they booked. You can still board between the A and B boarding groups if you are an A-List Preferred or A-List member.

When traveling with young children

Families with children aged six and under are permitted to board between the A and B zones. Boarding is permitted for the entire family, not the child and one parent.

Southwest also permits people with special seating needs to accommodate their disability, who must help board the plane, and/or who need to stow assistive equipment to board the plane first - Prior to Business Select including the A boarding group.


Do visit the Southwest Airlines official website to learn about their early check-in options. If you are looking forward to the earliest check-in option, then avail the 36-hour check-in procedure. You are also allowed to make check-ins within 24 hours of the Southwest flight departure. Therefore, select this EarlyBird service to finish up your check-in process early.
Yes, all the flyers can opt for online web check-in process for their Southwest Airlines (WN) flights. So, make sure to complete your check-in as soon as possible within the prescribed time. Just 24 hours to 60mins prior your flight departure you can complete the web online check-in process.
Many flyers want to finish their check-in procedure early. So, for them, Southwest Airlines (WN) offers an online web check-in option. However, they are not allowed to check bags using the online web check-in procedure. You can only do your bag check-in from the airport ticket counters.
Passengers generally want to select their desired seats after booking the early flight tickets. However, Southwest Airlines doesn’t provide any online seat selection policy. So, you cannot choose the change my seat option after online web check-in.
Thus, people tend to choose Southwest flight for its fastest check-in policy service. All passengers can complete Southwest flight check-in 36 hours prior to the flight departure. This let’s every passenger to fly quickly. One of the easiest yet fastest check-in options for Southwest flights is EarlyBird Check-in.
Passengers looking forward to the mobile check-in option can easily consider it. Yes, all the passengers are allowed to finish the Southwest Airlines (WN) flight check-in with a mobile check-in option, too.
Southwest Airlines (WN) also offers the airport ticket counter check-in option. So finish up your ticket counter check-in from 3 hours to 30 minutes prior to the flight taking off. Also, make sure to take the hard copy of your boarding pass from the counter. This procedure may take a bit longer for the long queue.

Southwest Airlines offers mainly two types of check-in time:-

  • For at least 60 minutes before the Southwest Airlines (WN) international flight departure. So remember to reach the airport with the time.
  • The passengers have to complete their Southwest Airlines (WN) US domestic flight departure at least 30 minutes before the flight takes off.
Southwest check-in systems are bit different compared to other airlines. You won’t get any seat assignment system with Southwest check-in. Your tickets will have the boarding zone. From which you can choose the seats after boarding takes place.