How can I change the date or time of my flight on southwest airlines?

Are you in need of changing the date of your Southwest Airlines Flight, there's simple process to do that. The only things you need is your booking number your last name.

You must log in to the online customer service and follow the on-screen instructions after you have your booking number. After logging in, you can begin modifying the date of your flight. Note your reservation details to make it simpler to find them later.

How to Change a Southwest Airlines Flight Date

Changing your flight date with Southwest Airlines is simple and painless. You have many options like adjust your departure date, time, and even the city from which you want to flew. But there's a fee of every change.

A domestic flight will costs you around $50 to $100 while an international flight will cost upto $200. Continue reading for more information. The methods below will help you change the date of your flight.

NOTE: Once you've made the changes, you'll receive an email and confirmation that your flight has been altered.

Southwest Airlines Flight Date Change Policy

If you have a Southwest ticket, you can change the date of your flight without incurring a more price.

Log in to the SWA Official Website with your confirmation number and first and last name. Select the "Flight" tab next. Go for "Manage Reservations" section and change the date of reservation.

Change flight date policy of Southwest Airlines allows passengers to change the date of flight for free. Its valid only when the original reservation can be cancelled with 10 minutes of departure.

Don't delay the process of date change it may cause extra money for that. however, you can utilize the money you set aside for your travel to reschedule your ticket. In case you can't find a new travel date, you have the option to use the funds from your original trip for future bookings.

NOTE: If you have already spent the full amount on your ticket, you can convert your remaining dollars to Southwest flight points.

How Do I Change My Southwest Airlines Return Flight Date?

If you are in need of changing the date of return flight with Southwest , the process is so easy and simple. sign in to your account and update your first and last names. You have an option to sign up for a different flight on the waitlist.

After finishing the previous process, click the final button to do your transaction. You can then choose a different flight date and time. This procedure will be completed! But, before booking your new ticket, read the terms and restrictions.

The good news is that you can alter your Southwest reservation. You can do it for free also, but you should be alert for the modification you do. Most airlines charge twice as much for a change, and Southwest's policy remains unchanged.

You will only be charged for the part of your reservation that you modified. But, booking a reduced roundtrip price makes the process simpler.

If you're still not able to change the date, so you have an option to call the customer support of Southwest airlines. But for this you have to cancel the previous ticket and book the new one.

You can adjust your return date and time by calling Southwest. It is better to contact the airline and inform them of the itinerary change; this will make it easier for them to assist you.