How to book Breeze Airways Unaccompanied Minor flight

Being a parent, letting your child flying alone can be so difficult and of mixed feel. It's not easy to let your child fly alone so it essential to understand the rules and regulations for the unaccompanied minors. Breeze Airways allow children to travel alone. In this paper, we will cover all you need to know on Breeze Airways' Unaccompanied Minor Policy.

Booking a Flight for Your Child

First examine your child's mental and physical health then book the flight for your child to travel alone. Here are some tips for flying alone whether it's for grandparent's home visit or they are heading back to home from the vacations Must read Breeze Airlines Minor Policy and follow these tips.

  1. Simplify the Itinerary: Choose non-stop flights to keep the journey simple and minimize potential delays or diversions.
  2. Select a Wise Seat: Opt for a seat closer to the cabin crew, so your child can get assistance when needed.
  3. CCommunication: Make sure that your kid has a phone or technological device so they can reach you in an emergency. Share important phone numbers with them.
  4. Pack Essentials: Provide your child with some cash or a payment card for food. Do not rely only on the airline.
  5. Earliest Arrival: Get to the terminal beforehand on the morning of flight to complete all of the required paperwork and meet with terminal officials.
  6. Plane Monitoring: Check the airport's site on a regular basis to stay updated on your kid's flight even after it has left.
Booking a Flight for Your Child

Breeze Airways' Unaccompanied Minor Program

Breeze Airways provides an unaccompanied child Program for minors aged five to thirteen. Kids aged 14 and up are regarded as adults when traveling. To guarantee the security of these kids, Breeze Airways limits the number of unaccompanied minors to three per flight.

When purchasing airfare for a child alone over the age of 13, a fee of $150 per person is applied in each direction. The cost should be provided at the moment of booking.

Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Here are the main rules of Breeze Airways' Unaccompanied Child Policy.

  1. Children under the age of thirteen can't go anywhere without an adult.
  2. Parents should verify that the kid going as a minor on their own follows all instructions.
  3. Breeze Team Member guidance should be heeded.
  4. Breeze discourages minors from traveling alone if they cannot follow specific rules.
  5. Travelers aged 13-17 traveling alone must present a photo ID to confirm their date of birth.

Documents and Forms

You are going to fill out the online unaccompanied minor form in order to get your child ready for their travel alone. To prevent tension at the last minute, make sure you fill it out before. Take three copies of the completed form to the airport in print form.

Photo verification is needed for both the drop-off and pick-up of the child. The adult caring for the youngster must have an acceptable photo ID and be no less than eighteen years old. They should be named among those who have authority to be left off and collected up.

Contacting Breeze Airways.

Breeze Airlines understands how stressful it might be for families when sending their unaccompanied kids overseas. Breeze Airways' contact number is +1-571-389-6426. If you need anything or have any questions. Phone them. They are accessible 24 hours a day.

Although allowing your child to fly alone is a huge step. You can guarantee their safety and easy journey by learning about Breeze Airlines' unaccompanied minor policy and getting prepared for their arrival.

Contacting Breeze Airways

Take Breeze Airways: Why?

Breeze Airways is an efficient and economical airline. It is noted for its comfort and ability to provide all services to its customers. Breeze Airways Unaccompanied Minor Flights understand the importance of your child's safety and comfort while traveling. Here are some more reasons why you could pick Breeze Airways for your kid's solo journeys.

  1. Inexpensive Travel: Breeze Airways has low fares, making it a reasonable choice for a lot of families.
  2. Kind and supportive staff: The airline's employees have been educated to help kids who are alone and make their journey as comfortable as possible.
  3. Easy Booking: Unaccompanied minors can easily book online, and the fees are clearly stated.
  4. Breeze Airways has strict laws and regulations set up that guaranteed people's well- being.


When taking your kid on an alone flight with Breeze Airways, it is critical that you adequately prepare them and strictly conform to the airline's standards. Safety is a high issue for unaccompanied kids, and following standards, filling out essential documents, and verifying proper identity for dropping off and pickup are all critical tasks.