Breeze Airlines Baggage Policy

The luggage policy of Breeze Airways is intended to inform you about what you can bring on board, what goods are designated carry-on or checked baggage, and any fees that may apply.

We strive to make your travel experience with us as enjoyable and convenient as possible, so please review our baggage policy before your next flight.

What is the luggage policy for personal items on Breeze Airways?

No matter what the fare, you can bring one personal item on board for free. A purse, briefcase, tiny backpack or hand bag are examples of personal items.

Breeze Airways personal items must be 17 x 13 x 8 inches in size.


What is the carry-on baggage policy of Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways' baggage policy permits just one carry-on bag per person. Furthermore -

Breeze airways requires carry-on luggage to be no larger than 24 x 14 x 10 inches (including handles and wheels). Hand luggage must not weigh more than 35 pounds.


What is Breeze Airways' checked luggage policy?

Breeze airways' checked baggage policy includes one checked bag for a nicer fare and two checked bags for the nicest fares. The baggage allowance is incorporated into the airfare price. Furthermore -

  • Checked luggage is available for purchase with the Nice rates.
  • If more bags are needed, they will be considered Excess Bags.
  • Checked luggage must weigh more than 50 pounds and must be within 62 linear inches (length + breadth + height).
  • Any checked luggage that is too large or too heavy will be charged as an overweight or oversized bag.
  • Bags weighing more than 99 pounds or measuring more than 80 linear inches in length, width, and height will not be accepted.

Does Breeze Airline's baggage policy allow pets?

Pet carriers are allowed as carry-on luggage and must fit under the passenger's seat.furthermore -

  • In addition to the pet container, guests are permitted to bring one personal item into the aircraft.
  • The pet carrier cannot be larger than 17 x 8 x 13 inches (length x width x height).
  • Please use a carrier that will fit in there. Carriers are unable to fit beneath first-class seats.

What is Breeze Airways' oversized and overweight luggage allowance?

Bags weighing more than 50 pounds or measuring more than 62 inches in length, width, or height will be charged an additional cost. The following conditions will be met:

  • Prices for overweight and oversized bags are applied in addition to the checked baggage price charged by Breeze Airways.
  • Oversized and overweight bags will be charged for both weight and size.
  • Bags weighing more than 99 pounds or measuring more than 80 inches in total length, width, and height are not permitted.
  • The baggage fee for Breeze is charged per person and per direction.
  • Prices are for purchases made a la carte.

How can you add baggage to your Breeze airways reservation online?

Passengers can add baggage to their Breeze airways flight reservation online, over the phone, or at the airport.

  • Log in to the Breeze Guest account used to make the reservation through the app or under Log In.
  • You may see your upcoming reservations by visiting the My Trips page.
  • Select the desired reservation by clicking it.
  • View Flight Options from the drop-down menu on the website, and then Edit Guest Bags from the right-hand column.
  • The app's Edit button will take you to the Edit Guest Bags menu item.
  • Select the number of carry-on and checked bags you want to bring. Prices will be displayed here.
  • Deselect any bags that you no longer require.
  • If you only wish to edit bags on one flight of a return reservation, tick the box next to Apply Bag Selections to Return Flight.
  • Bags can be added or withdrawn from your outbound or return flight.
  • After you've finished adding or changing bags, click Save Changes.
  • A bag listed as Included is included in the tariff type and is not refundable.
  • You can cancel the adjustments on the Trip Details page or finish the transaction by clicking the blue Checkout button.
  • There could be additional charges.

How can you add luggage to a Breeze Airline reservation over the phone?

  • Contact the airline's representative: You can contact the airline's representative via phone, email, or by visiting their website.
  • Provide the following information about your reservation: You must enter your booking information, which includes your name, flight details, and ticket number.
  • Select the number of bags: You can then select how many bags to include in your reservation.
  • Pay the baggage cost: Once you've determined the amount of bags you'll need, you'll need to pay the baggage fee. This price varies depending on the airline's policy as well as the size, weight, and destination of the bags.
  • Confirm the booking: Once you have paid the charge, you will receive confirmation of your baggage booking and a reference number from the agent.